About the Sports Celebrities
Festival presented by
Wheaton Precious Metals

Sport connects, inspires, and changes us all.

The Sports Celebrities Festival presented by Wheaton Precious Metals helps Special Olympics BC change lives and build inclusion and health through the power and joy of sport!

Funds raised by the Sports Celebrities Festival help Special Olympics BC empower athletes with intellectual disabilities to gain confidence, acceptance, and pride through sport.

Your support matters now more so than ever, helping athletes with intellectual disabilities build fuller lives and find purpose.

Special Olympics BC

Special Olympics BC offers opportunities to train and compete in 18 sports through year-round programs and local, provincial, national, and international competitions. Through these sports, the athletes gain more than just physical benefits from improved health and athletic abilities. Through their participation, they develop social skills and friendships while experiencing the joy of achieving goals and increasing their self-esteem.

“After joining Special Olympics, I have found much more motivation to compete and try hard.”

-Matthew Burns, SOBC – Mission athlete

Highlights from past events


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Watch Special Olympics BC athlete Katherine St. Amand speak at the 2022 gala. 


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Watch Special Olympics athlete Michael Langridge and Brandon Sutter inspire at the 2019 gala.

2018 Sports Celebrities Festival parade of athletes


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Watch Special Olympics athlete Alex Pang and Brandon Sutter impress at the 2017 gala.


Watch Special Olympics athlete Frances Collison of Creston and Brandon Sutter inspire the audience at the 2016 gala.

2015 Sports Celebrities Festival parade of athletes


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